Safety Week (Phase I and II)

November 25, 2019 at 4:00 pm CRACR&PD New Delhi VIEW MORE

Safety Week (Phase I and II)

Under the leadership of DCPCR with the objective to create awareness and curb the menace of child sexual abuse among school children, my organization CRACR&PD joined in conducting the workshops with over 1785 children of class V in 22 North MCD schools in Phase I and covered 1558 children in 26 Schools in Phase II*. Six volunteers/resource persons from CRACR&PD, visited the following schools:
Phase I
DaysName of the SchoolTotal no. of ChildrenName of the Resource Persons
1UU Pitam Pura,48Tanmaay BhardwajRatna Saxena
GP Pitam Pura90Shameem AlamAkifa
BB Shalimar Bagh70Anuj JohriMohan Singh
AB Shalimar bagh35Anuj JohriMohan Singh
2U & V Shalimar Bagh40Anuj JohriMohan Singh
AC Shalimar Bagh58Anuj JohriMohan Singh
Harsh Vihar60Shameem AlamAkifa
H1 shakur pur80Shameem AlamAkifa
H2 shakur pur90Shameem AlamAkifa
3Saraswati vihar62Tanmaay BhardwajRatna Saxena
A 4 Paschim Vihar82Tanmaay BhardwajRatna Saxena
AG Shalimar BAgh70Shameem AlamAkifa
AK Shalimar bagh60Shameem AlamAkifa
Rani Bagh Girls60Shameem AlamAkifa
G 1 Shakur Pur160Anuj JohriMohan Singh
G 2 Shakur pur65Anuj JohriMohan Singh
4BT Shalimar Bagh170Shameem AlamAkifa
A 5 Paschim Vihar70Shameem AlamAkifa
Peera garhi45Ratna
Jawala heri182Ratna
F Shakur Pur54Tanmaay BhardwajMohan Singh
E Shakur pur134Tanmaay BhardwajMohan Singh
Phase II
Date – 25th November,2019 to 29th November,2019
Sr. No.Name of the SchoolDate and Day of Workshop in SchoolName of the Resource PersonNo. of Students present during the workshop
1.  Nangal Thakaran25th Nov’19Mohan Singh26
2.  Bajit pur Co ed25th Nov’19Anuj Johri27
3.  Nabi KArim II25th Nov’19Tanmaay Bhardwaj36
4.  Harwali co ed25th Nov’19Anuj Johri45
5.  HU Pitam pura25th Nov’19Shameem Alam71
6.  MCPS ED Block PitamPura25th Nov’19Shameem Alam54
7.  Katewara25th Nov’19Mohan Singh23
8.  Auchandi27th Nov’19Shamim Alam47
9.  Jat Khor27th Nov’19Faeem Alam3
10.  Punjab Khor27th Nov’19Shamim Alam40
11.  NPV Sultan puri A- II27th Nov’19Faeem Alam60
12.  Ram NagarBhawan - I27th Nov’19Tanmaay Bhardwaj60
13.  Ram Nagar Bhawan - II27th Nov’19Tanmaay Bhardwaj45
14.  LU Pitampura27th Nov’19Anuj Johri37
15.  CP Pitam pura27th Nov’19Anuj Johri50
16.  SP PitamPura27th Nov’19Mohan Singh90
17.  Ram Nagar Old-I27th Nov’19Ratna Saxena13
18.  Ram Nagar Old-II27th Nov’19Ratna Saxena20
19.  New Multan Nagar28th Nov’19Shamim Alam73
20.  Mangolpuri Kalan28th Nov’19Shamim Alam62
21.  Shalimar Village - 128th Nov’19Tanmaay Bhardwaj55
22.  Shalimar Village - 228th Nov’19Tanmaay Bhardwaj125
23.  Shahipur28th Nov’19Anuj Johri42
24.  BG 2 Shalimar Bagh28th Nov’19Anuj Johri42
25.  Salahpur Majra29th Nov’19Anuj Johri20
26.  Chandpur29th Nov’19Anuj Johri10
27.  BK2 Shalimar bagh29th Nov’19Anuj Johri90
28.  BT Shalimar baghAnuj Johri127

The class teachers for class V were also present along with the children. The principal, teachers and children responded positively and were welcoming. No individual sharing was done by any child nor did the team encouraged them. However, the principals of three schools requested us to speak to the parents as well, to this request we told them that we cannot do it in this Safety week, however we can do it on CRACR&PD’s behalf later on a mutually agreeable time.

The principals were much appreciating of the resource persons especially they were happy to receive information about the “Meri Awaz” app with the feature of anonymity.


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