Ms. Nida Zamani Siddique


  • Nida Siddique is a social development professional with over 14 years of experience in the development sector, specializing in advocating for the needs and rights of Marginalized and vulnerable populations, including Children, Women, and Bonded Laborers.
  • She works as a consultant for prestigious organizations on issues related to child protection, gender, and marginalized rights.
  • She is an expert in designing, conducting, and facilitating training programs and creating training modules and manuals. It is her specialty to design BCC and IEC materials, and she is certified by a reputable agency in this field.
  • Her experience includes conceptualizing, developing, and implementing innovative programs that respond to emerging needs and trends promptly. +91-9910388839, +91-9971172587 / +91-9560636122, +91-9811013934
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